Alice Eve talks on Caitlyn Jenner

Alice Eve, the famous actress, has had a rough 2015. In the beginning of last year, she has made some comments about Bruce- I mean, Caitlyn Jenner. Formerly known as Bruce Jenner, he has decided to have his gender changed wih surgery. It’s a complicated procedure, which has evident consequences. Caitlyn looks like she’s been a woman since her birth, but Alice doesn’t agree with what Caitlyn did.

Miss Eve claimed that Caitlyn wasn’t a completely true woman, because she doesn’t experience all of the things females usually do. Caitlyn has lived as a man for her entire life up to this operation, which gave her an advantage over women. The supporters of Miss Jenner have viciously attacked Alice Eve for her statements, defending Caitlyn and her rights.

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Alice has been asked about it several times after the incident and just recently, which is already a year after the said events. She has always said that she stands behind what she said and doesn’t regret it. She has a strong belief in her point of view on men and women and she can’t treat Caitlyn as a full on woman. Caitlyn has defended herself by the freedom of choice, that belongs to all people. 

You don’t have to stick with your gender and she didn’t hurt anyone or offend anyone by doing this. She has a point, even though it’s a really tough topic.

Alice wasn’t the only one with such statements, though. There are many other celebrities who share her opinion on this modern topic. More cases like this will definetely follow, which will make up for an interesting debate. We can only imagine how people will look in a few years.

What do you think? Should Caitlyn Jenner have all the female rights, because she had to undergo an operation and she is famous? There are many different opinions out there, worth thinking over.

The good side of Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is a musician and a songwriter who has penned several songs for pussy cat dolls and many other musicians. She also has other sides to her, which tend to make headlines around the world. It is hard to place a finger on anything that she does and it does not make front pages.

Early this month, she showed support for the people that were killed in the Orlando shooting. She could not hold her tears back, as she gave a moving speech. Away from sad news, lady Gaga is set to attend a public policy conference.

She made it in the A-lister as among the many persons that will be gracing the U.S conference of mayors. This is a conference that gathers all mayors all cross the country. They talk on tips to tackle challenges that face America cities.

In the conference, lady Gaga will give her conference after Dalai Lama. This tells you that Indianapolis will be buzzing with activities this weekend. Other visitors that will present their views are Hilary Clinton and businessman come philanthropist Philip Anschutz.

The event will run from this weekend to Monday; it will not be opened to the general public but the media will cover it extensively. You can catch up on her at this event.

If you thought that Lady Gaga is all about controversy, you should think again. She has a good side to her that the world has not seen yet. In the past she has used her fame to advocate for human rights and assisted in many issues to do with human dignity. This is a side that is never told about Gaga.

Did Kylie Jenner and PND just confirm their relationship?

The rumors of Kylie Jenner’s and PartyNextDoor’s relationship have been going around for quite some time. Recently Kylie just added some fuel to the fire.

After staring in her ex’s Tyga’s video, Kyle became quite the video vixen. Now, it would seem she actually does videos for the guys she is dating. The 18 year old plays the leading lady role in come and see me’, a song by PartyNextDoor which premiered on Thursday on the snapchat discover page. 

The story surrounding the song is one about a guy who makes his love interest visit him constantly and mostly at odd hours of the night. In the video, Kylie is seen waiting by her phone waiting to hear from her love that is at a party with Big Sean and Khloe Kardashian, his “crew”.

Although he does not call, she starts getting ready to meet him. She even applies her famous Kylie Lipsticks for him. For the happy ending, it is raining and he appears at her door. They make out, in the rain. How romantic!

While this may not be the confirmation we have been waiting for, it definitely has everyone talking. The rumors began when the duo was spotted hanging out, bowling together and even all cozy at Drake’s party.

According to sources, they have not put a label on it yet, but they are supper attracted to each other. The sources say that Kylie is happy because she is no longer arguing constantly like they did with Tyga. She likes that she is drama free.


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